Custom Outdoor Cushion,Pillows is a company with a dedicated team of professionals. They are committed to consulting with you and also meeting your commercial needs.

Our Experience
When it comes to producing custom cushions, we have always proven to be vastly experience. This has enabled us to come up with high-quality , pillows and custom seat cushions. These seat cushions are used by hotels, resorts, restaurants and other businesses in the US. Also, we produce custom goods. These are all made in the USA.

Our Commitment
We understand the need for making uncompromised products available to our customers. This is why we are committed towards producing the best items which can meet needs. Our products like custom deep cushions, windows cushions, day time bed cushions, custom window cushions and others, are a reflection of how committed we are.

How We Can Serve Our Commercial Buyers
• Acceptance of purchase orders from government agencies, public schools, universities, and companies based on minimum order requirements.
• Offering of discounts for products purchased
• Highly personalized customer service to ensure your needs are addressed
• Upon request, commercial buyers will be given access to fabric books and samples
• Terms of payment will be based on credit application process

Given the number of years we have been in this field, it is our belief that we can be of great help in your next project. Do you have a commercial project that you would want us to handle? It could be deep cushionis or other projects. Feel free to reach us at 800-721-7266

Cushioni is a company that prides itself in providing the best services for its commercial clients. You will be getting access to products like custom deep cushions, windows cushions, day time bed cushions, and custom window cushions. We have served masur companies and Hotel, Resort universal studio and much more.