About Cushioni

Cushioni is a USA-based Cushion company. We have a strong customer base in the American region like Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California. With the experience of making Quality cushions for 45 years, we have been succeeding in the market by being well aware of customer’s varying tastes from Baby Boomers to Zoomers on how they choose their interior decor. From one-size-to fit all cushions to the highly preferred customization in the modern age, we work towards delivering the cushions based on customer satisfaction in quality, price, and designs.


With skilled professionals in designing, astounding sewing skilled workers, and innovative designers, we can supply soft cushions throughout the USA.


We Provide Custom Cushions. Mattress and More

The increasing demand from our customers makes us learn and grow more and more. Our business started with supplying standard cushions, and it took another branch of manufacturing and supplying the customized ones. Getting cushions for a standard sofa to other custom cushions for Barstool, Dining seater, ottoman, porch swings, window seater, and so on is possible. You can cushion it up with your favorite design. On our website, you can find a list of possibilities out there like and options to choose from, possible color, design, texture, fabric, and size of the cushions you want to own.


Later, we started rooting for another endeavor of providing Customized pillows and all the types of pillow suitable for indoors/outdoors, throw pillows for the cushion in standard, and customize the format. We can customize the pillows in whatever shapes, sizes, and colors that you want. The custom pillows are as soft as you are resting on a cloud. If you are specific about having a pillow that has to be thicker or thinner, taller or shorter than a normal one, you can mention it, and you get it. There are designer-style pillows with an infinite number of designs. With whatever possibilities of design a pillow can hold, we can make it. Custom throw pillows, we can make all the new trends that exist in the market. You get a pillow with your favorite picture on that and cherish the memory forever.


When we could provide Cushions and pillows for the customers, how tough could it be to include the drapes section into our site? So custom drapes also follow in the list of our products. The fabric, height, width, color of the drapes are customized, and well stitched by the hired experts in the field for many years. You get drapes from simple design to grandeur finish.


Our plan does not stop there, extending another service for customers by providing customized indoor home decors. Through the Virtual Showroom’s Visualization technology, we allow our customers to browse and visualize fabric choices, sizes, and colors right on the cushion in real-time.



You can find 1000 varieties in fabrics and designs of pillows and drapes. We have different types of materials for drapes and pillows. The materials like Silk, Linen, Faux Silk, and Velvet are the best suitable materials that we suggest. There are many other materials also like polyester, silk cotton, cotton, crepe, and so on. The most durable material will be Faux Silk. The high-quality material will make your interior look classy.


You cannot ever find the quality of material that we offer. There are no separate materials for indoor and outdoor. You name a material, and you can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. It long lasts and meets more than your expectation.


Not just fabrics, you can count on other materials like panels, panel knobs for the drapes.  Buttons, piping work, and ribbon finish for Cushions and the finished work are going to last forever. Other home decor products are going to be in high-standards considering the quality.


Technical Advancements

We are employing Technology to help the customers to make the decision faster. The new image rendering technology has a Cushion source, which lets you select the fabric and the type of cushion. You can also include add-ons like embroidery designs, buttons, and knots over it and check if this is what your end product finished looking? The selection process is much simpler, and the customers get a good purchase experience from us.


Assisting Customers

Currently, we do not have an engaged call center for us to assist you 24/7. But this fact does not mean that we are letting you down; you can contact Cushiono anytime. We have experts for technical assistance and Cushion experts, but the only quirk is we can only support you during store hours. Whatever may be your doubts, you can leave a mail-in or a voice mail in your free time, and you get a reply during our working hours.


Social Media

We are available on social media, and we post important news on it, like offers, promotions, latest news, new arrivals, and so on. Do become friends with us to get a better shopping experience for your home decor.